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 This is Lake Shore Animal Shelter "139" number 1,

 "some things you  should think about BEFORE adopting a new pet!"

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 the Lake Shore Animal shelter "139"

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           animal care & training, and your pet!"


 Pet Name: Omar

  Adopted By: Mike P.                This month's "Happily Ever After!"

 Omar is a 13 year-old Maltese/Poodle mix. He came to Lake Shore (for the second time!) in early June of  last year. If any dog can be said to have had a few "bumps" in life, it was Omar. Abandoned at a young  age, Omar bounced around from home to home for several years. It always seemed that just as he was  getting "settled-in," something would happen and his owners would be forced to give him up.

 On top of everything else, from about the age of one, Omar began to slowly go deaf. Despite numerous  trips to the Vet, the cause of his advancing deafness was never determined. The one "bright spot" in it  all was that the gradual nature of the increasing disability allowed Omar to slowly but surely make  accommodations for the condition. As is often the case with animals (and humans too, for that matter),  Omar's other senses, and his ability to use them more intensely, compensated to some extent for his  hearing loss. 

 About the time Omar turned five years of age, he was "given-up" yet again. Due to several  circumstances, though, he could not be returned to the shelter that he originally came from, so

 (for the first time), we took him in at Lake Shore. His previous owners told us he was a "nasty dog," and  prone to biting, and warned us to be careful. After a few days with several of our volunteers, however,  it became apparent to us that his biting behavior was simply a fear response, when he would be  surprised due to his deafness. This was particularly in evidence when he was roused out of a sound  sleep. We learned to always approach him from a place where he could see us, and slowly, to give him  time to react. After awhile, the biting behavior stopped completely. A short while later, we adopted  him out to a single woman, who doted on him, and it looked as though Omar had it made!

 But once again, fate took another "wrong turn." Several years later, Omar's owner became unable to  properly  care for him due to an intense work schedule. We took the dog back, just as we always do  when any of our adopters are forced to give-up an animal. By this time, though, Omar was nearly 13  years old,  and completely deaf. We placed the  cute little dog in a new foster home in Arlington Heights, but as the months passed, time and time again his disability and advanced age proved  to be

 too much for potential adopters, who passed him by.

 But God hadn't finished with Omar. The foster care-givers' neighbor, Mike, had gotten to know Omar.  He "took a shine" to the plucky little dog. Mike loved to come over to take Omar for walks, rain or shine,  and just enjoyed spending time with him.  After awhile, even though he already had another dog, and  despite Omar's age and disability, he called us up and asked if we would be willing to adopt Omar to him.  Wow! We sure were! Now, Omar has truly found his forever home. He gets along great with the other  family dog, sleeps with Mike's young  daughter, and just generally has a really great life! 


 If you're considering adoption, don't forget to take a look at older dogs, too. They are still vital  and energetic, just a little less-so than younger animals. They are usually very well-trained, less  aggressive than younger dogs, and can be easier to handle. Most of all, though, they seem to respond  to the love and affection of their owners in a very special way. Get to know one, and you'll see!