Founded in 2002 by a coalition of Chicago animal  shelters, the organization boasts 15 member animal  shelters, including Chicago Animal Care & Control.  Members meet to discuss issues, work together to  maximize resources, plan large-scale adoption events,  etc. Links to all member shelters on their website!

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 This organization is dedicated to helping Chicago  area residents keep their pets during tough times.  This could include behavioral issues, financial  hardship, or many other reasons. Food pantry for

 temporary assistance, counseling, referrals, also  links on their website to other area food pantries!

 An organization of licensed Veterinarians,  providing  care and advice to pet owners in the Chicago area  since 1896. Check out their website for information  on pet care, help finding a Veterinarian in your area,  and other information and services.

 Over 1,000 proud  members! 



 The largest pet adoption website in the country,  this site features thousands of adoptable animals,  from hundreds of shelters throughout the United  States! We post all of our available animals there,  and have a direct link to our petfinder page in our  adoptions section. Check out their home page!

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 One of our favorite sources to go for entertainment  and information about companion animal issues and  pet care advice and information. Content covers  everything from human/animal interest stories, to  animal care developments on the international scene,  to new pet products. New information every day!

 The taxpayer funded municipal shelter and animal  control agency for the City of Chicago. Best place

 to begin a search for a lost pet. Over 12,000 per  year are turned-in. "Lost pet tours" 6 times daily.  Also has animals available for  adoption.

 Open year-round at 27th & Western.

 The largest private shelter in Illinois, serving the  community since 1899. Beautiful adoption center,  adopts over 5,000 animals each year. Provides low-  cost or no-cost spay/neuter, humane investigations,  public education. No euthanasia for reasons of  space or length of stay. A vital resource!

 *PLEASE NOTELake Shore Animal Shelter receives no monetary support or advertising revenue from               any organization listed here, but we work with all of them, and can recommend them confidently!

 If you know of a group or organization that our visitors  should know about      please go to the  "contact us" page  and email us with your suggestion!

 We appreciate your help!

 A foster-care network located in Paris, Illinois,  primarily serving  rural areas in east-central  Illinois. A critical resource in this under-served  part of the state, saving dogs at high risk of  euthanasia. A Lake Shore "adoption partner,"

 that's making a difference!

 Another favorite source for great information and  entertaining stories about pet care and animal  issues. Steve is on the Board of several animal  welfare organizations, a syndicated columnist, and  a radio talk-show host. Everything from Chicago pet  info, behavioral tips, new books, and much more!

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   if you must give up your pet.....


       Call or contact us! We may be able to offer help, advice, and resource-referrals that

       might enable you to KEEP your beloved companion! Click-on the "Contact Us" page!

 2)  If circumstances in the end force you to give up your dog or cat,

        please take note of the following:

        A)  All pets should be fully vetted, including shots up-to-date, if at all possible.

             Shelters and rescues operate on tight budgets, and also must consider their

             existing in-care populations to ensure containment of an infectious diseases.


             Shelters/Rescues. There are many unwanted and abandoned pets out there,

             and space in shelters is limitedWhenever possible, contact us at least

             10 days BEFORE you must drop-off the animal.

         C)  Bring any and all Veterinary records, licenses, micro-chip information,

              medicines, and any other relevant materials with you when you drop-off your pet.                                            Call ahead to make an appointment!