"Serving the needs of Chicagoland families and their pets with foster care, shelter, rehabilitation, and adoptions for nearly 50 Years, since 1966!"


Lake Shore Animal Shelter was founded in 1966 by Dr. Lloyd Preshun, a prominent small-animal Veterinarian on Chicago's north side. Dr. Preshun's dream was to create the first animal shelter run as nearly as possible along the same basis as human adoption agencies.


One of the first "No-Kill" shelters in the nation, Lake Shore was originally incorporated as the "Lake Shore Foundation for Animals." In 1996, our name was changed to the "Lake Shore Animal Shelter," to reflect the increasing role of public support in our shelter operations. Lake Shore was one of only very few life-saving resources available to people and their pets in Chicago for many years, and a true pioneer in the No-Kill animal shelter and adoption movement.


Once you've found that special companion, you'll need to make sure to make the transition into your home as successful as possible. We'll be available to help when you need us!


Looking for the newest addition to your family? There are many places to look. We'll show you what we have available, and even share other resources with you!

What to Expect

"Lake Shore is Chicago's Oldest no-KIll shelter,

           serving the chicago area since 1966!"

Over the last 15 years, the life-saving mission Lake Shore helped to develop has gained momentum, as more people choose adoption, and as public awareness of the needless euthanasia of millions of animals has penetrated the conscience of the nation. As the number of rescue organizations in northern Illinois continues to grow, Lake Shore's mission has continued to evolve, concentrating on saving older animals, animals with special needs, and other "harder-to-adopt" pets. Due to the particular needs of these dogs, most of our adoptable animals are now housed and cared for by our trained volunteers in a network of foster homes. 

We are also working with other rescue organizations in under-served areas, most notably Southern Illinois, where the needless euthanasia of many loving, healthy dogs and cats continues largely unabated.

We're proud to say we were there at the beginning, and continue to be a proud participant in this life-affirming movement!

Chris and Debra B.
Chicago, Illinois

about LAKE SHORE animal shelter


Choosing the right pet for your situation is critically important! We'll work with you to make the "right choice," to make sure you AND your new pet live happily ever after!

Lake Shore Animal Shelter helped us make the right choice! We found "Basie," the most wonderful dog, and the perfect addition to our family! Thanks, Lake Shore Animal Shelter